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Name: Beijing Hongling Technology&Develop Co.,Ltd.
Add:  602 Rm, NO.1 Buiding ,No.3 Dongbinghelu Street ,Dongcheng  Andingmen Dist. Beijing(100013)
Tel:   010-84288450 / 84286325
Fax:   010-84286305
Email:  bjhongling@126.com

http://  www.bjhongling.com
Human Resources  

Job information:

Vice President, a person, Qualifications:

1, have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication, strong leadership and communication skills;

2, with more than eight years mechanical design or manufacturing-related job experience, to organize, direct engineering work plan, to ensure the normal operation of engineering;

3, with business management experience, responsible for all project management;

4,assist the general manager to develop business development plans; implementation of company rules and regulations and operational guidelines and gives the company the work of various departments and indicators.

Mechanical Design Engineer,3 Personal, Qualifications:

1, male, graduate mechanical design class, more than five years relevant work experience;

2, outgoing, good at communication, learning ability, and have a good team spirit;

3, Proficiency in AUTOCAD and PRO / E, solidworks or other 3D design software;

4,familiar with pneumatic and hydraulic principles theory, Learn the basic processing machine, able to complete non-standard automation equipment development, design, positive and reasonable to adopt new technologies Multi-Scheme of Bi Jiao Jin Xing, Shi design program to do sophisticated and economically reasonable safe and reliable.

Electrical Engineer,2 Personal, Qualifications:

1, male, electrical automation, or automated control of a professional, more than five years relevant work experience;

2, outgoing, good at communication, learning ability, and have a good team spirit;

3, with electrical design basis, to request an independent design of electrical control cabinets and electrical parts for selection, familiar with the inverter, soft starter, air switch, AC contactors and other electrical components and to the proper use of engineering principles;

4, familiar with the Siemens PLC S7200 or the use of 300, capable of independent programming.

Assistant Engineer,5 Personal, Qualifications:

1, male, mechanical and electrical engineering major, at least two years relevant work experience;

2, outgoing, good at communication, learning ability, and have a good team spirit;

3,Familiar with AUTOCAD software;

4, can adapt to foreign business trip, equipment, installation, commissioning work experience is preferred.

Talent Concept:

Technology is the driving force of civilization, people are the source of technology! Hong Ling company welcome to Wikipedia, Gather the essence of talent, Talent like assets, Talent is the cause.

Both doctors, masters and senior management, or fighting in the production, marketing, research, service line of ordinary workers, marketing personnel, research personnel, service personnel, All have the same HongLing company growing and indispensable talent .Let's hands with their own hard work and ingenuity, and constantly open up new career Hong Ling brilliant!

We hope to have more people join the Hong Ling companies, more people are concerned about the development of Hong Ling's!

1.Recruit talent

-      "Capacity doctrine" rather than "academic Marxism"

Responsible staff have the ability there is good work, have the capacity to responsible staff is unqualified staff.

2.Use of personnel

-      "Post to affordable"

Post his or her own energy, people for the right. Each job to select the most suitable person, employing director, focusing on training.

3.Education Personnel

-      "Character building base, ability to Builder"

Everyone is talent, anyone can become useful.

4. Talent promotion

  - "Performance plus potential product Giga talent"

  Outstanding performance is the basis for promotion, character and competence necessary for the promotion of talent.

5. Retain talent

  - "Trying to retain people, pay and conditions, to keep people feeling"

  Embodiment of personal values among staff. Let us work for the Hong Ling, while some career success and material life greatly improved, creating a feeling of family, so everyone at home under the caring warmth of the infection and support each other together.


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