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Name: Beijing Hongling Technology&Develop Co.,Ltd.
Add:  602 Rm, NO.1 Buiding ,No.3 Dongbinghelu Street ,Dongcheng  Andingmen Dist. Beijing(100013)
Tel:   010-84288450 / 84286325
Fax:   010-84286305
Email:  bjhongling@126.com

http://  www.bjhongling.com
About Us  

Technology Development Co., Ltd. Beijing Hong Ling was founded in 1993, is specialized in the construction of new wall materials and production technology and production line equipment of the research, design and development company.

二、Development course:
     Companies from China Academy of Building Research the backbone of scientific research personnel, since the since the eighties of last century fromDo the floor extruder, twin-shaft compulsory single concrete mixer, concrete mixing plant, concrete block intoMachines, concrete block production line, GRC wallboard extrusion machine, fly ash burn up high-strength ceramic, fiber cement powderAsh light building panels and other high-strength production techniques and equipment R & D and design.

1993.03  Company established,Established companies engaged in  concrete mixer and mixing equipment R & D and technology transfer and technical services.

1994.05  Has to Shanxi, Chongqing and other users in the region take a   concrete block production line process plant design and technical services, and block making machine manufacturing technology transfer and technical services.

1996.08  Xinjiang has, Wuhan, Hebei and other regions to bear the GRC cement wallboard users extrusion molding machine and production line transfer of technical drawings, process plant design and Services

1998.07  Has to Inner Mongolia, Hubei and other areas of the user take up of fly ash fired ceramic production projects and technical advice, process design and technical services.

1998.08  Has begun to develop and design "of high strength fiber cement building panels fly ash light" production process and production line equipment.

2000.12  Completed a "high-strength lightweight fiber cement building panels fly" production process and production line equipment, research and development.

2002.04  Successful completion of the Tianjin customers first "light high-strength fiber cement and fly ash building panels," industrial production of plant construction.

2007.12  Successfully complete the second Tianjin customers "fly ash light high-strength fiber cement building panels," industrial production of plant construction.

2010.06  Third "high-strength lightweight fiber cement building panels fly" production plant construction in Xinjiang.

三、Enterprise honor:

2007-2009    Get two national invention patents and utility model patents 2.

2009    Through the "Beijing High-tech Enterprise" and "Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise" certification.

2009    Was "Shijingshan Park of Zhongguancun Science Park Innovation" award.

2009     Commitment to support national science and technology program "Eco-housing system for high performance composite panel key technologies" sub topic.

2010      Real Estate Institute and Beijing by China Real Estate Association "Top Ten Chinese Real Estate Institute of growing low-carbon action star" Certificate

四、Corporate Culture:

"Sustainable development" as the core, energy saving, do members of society;

For customers to create "sustainable wealth", honest world, responsible for clients;

Persistent dream , excellence, Sustainable innovation, harmony and Joint profit!

五.、Corporate Strength:

 Since inception, we attach great importance to R & D work. We will closely follow the international and domestic industry, advanced technology, focusing on various types of new building materials product technology development, design and transformation.

The backbone of the company's research came from the Chinese Academy of Building Research of the researchers, outstanding contributions are:

1.Has won the Ministry of Science and Technology Progress Award;

2.Served as a "concrete products and molding machinery industry association," Chairman and Secretary-General;

3.Has presided over the development, "extruder floor" and "Concrete block making machine," the national and industry standards;

4.Part in changing the "industrial ash concrete hollow partition panel" JG 3063-1999 standards;

5.Commitment to the "11 • 5" National Science and Technology Support Programme sub-project "Ecological high performance composite panel housingSystem Key Technologies ";

6.Involved in the development of the China Engineering Construction Standardization Association (CECS) "rural building regulations partition board application technology" standards and "Village of exterior wall panels applied technical regulations" standard.

  R & D strategy: market-oriented to innovation as the core, keep the negative, the pursuit of excellence! Active digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology achievements, emphasis on independent research, create international brand!


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