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Technical process

Ⅰ、Production line description

"Fiber cement building panels and high-strength lightweight fly ash component," line by the fiber processing transmission storage systems, measurement batching system, mixing and blending systems, raw material storage and conveying system, cement conveying system, the main production line, maintenance kiln system, high pressure steam support systems and control systems in nine parts, Full monitoring and online detection and control the entire production process. The line has a high efficiency, low energy consumption, more variety, scale and so on.


Ⅱ、Technological principle

The process uses high voltage vacuum extrusion process and fiber concrete mix process theory, After a reasonable number of secondary heat conservation and processing proceduresUltimately form excellent quality, attractive appearance, wide range of uses, application of various building boards fast and convenient, shapes and components.


Ⅲ、Production process

    Production flow chart

Ⅳ、Raw materials

  Basic components: CementFly AshSlagWaste slagMarbleGraniteCalcium carbonateBasaltQuartziteSandstone And so can be)、Waste paperOrganic FiberAdmixtures and water

  Fly ash, slag, waste slag, waste paper is the main raw material of this process in order to achieve the comprehensive utilization of resources, improve the added value of energy saving and environmental protection concept of circular economy.


Ⅴ、Technological process innovation performance

  Assembly of products suitable for the construction of the international advanced design and construction concepts, their performance was significantly higher than the national standards and existing national targets of similar products available, can be used as building envelopes, without lining, easy to dry construction method for the realization of building products factory, parts of, the assembly of providing a high-quality materials

  Filled the domestic market, lack of high-intensity, high-tech indicators blank exterior wall panels;

  First high-voltage vacuum extrusion process technology and apply the theory of fiber reinforced concrete building panels and components production, belongs to the exclusive initiative, the international class is advanced, while addressing the domestic production of raw materials, the local of the problem;

  For the market to provide a production technology and equipment to change the production of cement-based building panels, small scale production, poor product quality, low degree of automation status;

  To achieve the same production line series, multi-function, multi-species, multi-application field precast concrete products;

  High volume use of industrial waste products can be further developed, comprehensive utilization of resources, improve the added value of circular economy to achieve a wide range of space left.


Engineered Products


Ⅰ. Product introduction


   "Fiber cement fly ash light wall high strength building square hole" (hereinafter referred to as GFB plate) is a new type of wall material domestic product, relatively hollow brick, concrete block, gypsum board, TAP, GRC board for a higher compressive strength (greater than 25MP), both Seismic, FireproofHeat isolation, Sound isolationMoistureproof Nipped Preventionsimple construction, environmental protection and good looking.


   GFB plate size, the variety has been serialized, plate length 2m ~ 4.5m, width 50 ~ 600mm, thickness 20 ~ 140mm between any set (special request must be agreed upon), has been widely used in various construction, municipal , transportation, agriculture and irrigation, garden art and so on.


   GFB plate wide variety of sources of raw materials, waste utilization, environmental protection and energy conservation play a positive role, while greatly increasing the added value of recycling, promote the value and great market potential!


. Product specific performance


1.    Light and high strength

Weight than traditional wall materials wall decreased from 40 to 60%, reduced the overall construction of the load; adapt to a variety of construction projects, the external wall.


2.    Simple construction

     Applied to concrete frame and steel fabricated work, faster than traditional masonry technique 6 to 8 times; also suitable for construction of the second transformation, GFB plate surface, smooth and dense coating can be painted directly.


3.    Sound insulation and absorption

Noise up to 40dB normal GFB plate over filling sound-absorbing material after processing will reach higher, commonly used in highway and railway noise barriers, noise, factories, and other sound works.


4.    Fireproof ,Maintain the temperature and Insulation

     Veneer exterior wall external thermal insulation can be achieved, within the veneer wall insulation, double wall sandwich panel insulation, etc., depending on the nature of the region and building insulation to achieve its performance.


5.    Seismic and Moistureproof

  GFB flexible coupling plate and frame, swing could reach up to 1 / 60 and masonry wall is 1 / 300 ~ 1 / 1000; surface water absorption is very low (<8%).


. Technical Data


.Product application direction


1.Construction works

   External walls, interior walls, decorative plates, flowers wall panels, doors and windows off beam, casting template, baseboard,L line, baseboard, hanging mirror line, step plates, handrails, door pockets, to heating and heat radiation board etc.


2. Municipal and transport

Highway sound barriers, sound barrier rail, pedestrian crossing, line protection piping, etc.


  3. Agricultural Water Conservancy Construction

 Irrigation, Tank, etc.


  4. Garden art

Pattern , Mural , Artificial stone etc.



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